Six Great Uses for Zipper Pulls!

Zipper pulls are attached to the tab on a zipper. They can be made of anything – a paper clip to a piece of string to a fancy beaded pull to a metal fob. Ours are sturdy pewter or brass charms on lanyard hooks so they can be taken on and off as desired.

What do you use a zipper pull for? Well, here’s some ideas!
1. Zipper pulls make hard-to-use zipper easier to open and close. Ever have a zipper that’s too small or in a hard to reach place that frustrates you when you have to open and close it. Attach a zipper pull and suddenly that problem disappears!

2. Zipper pulls are great for identification! Ever notice at the airport how many of the same luggage bags are used? How can you tell which one is yours on the luggage cart? Use a couple zipper pulls on the zippers and voila! You can identify it without fear of opening someone else’s luggage.

3. Zipper pulls are useful for people with dexterity issues. Have an older parent who has trouble manipulating small items, like opening bottles? Zipper pulls can make opening and closing zippers much easier as they give you something larger than the zipper to grasp and manipulate.

4. Does your sibling always take your favorite hoodie, claiming that it was theirs? Attach a zipper pull and it’ll be clear to everyone that it’s your hoodie!

5. Zipper pulls make great gifts! They work great for that little gift that shows you care! And with our wide selection of designs, you can personalize the zipper pull to their interests.

6. They’re fun!